Like Sourcing


We focus on Energy and Chemicals industry because the area is quite diversified while there are much in common for the players (both clients and suppliers). 

We aim to attract a great number of professionals to share their experience and knowledge together.

The website provides open space for those who have registered to leave messages where they are interested, in order to generate networking opportunities.

Industrial Sharing to Avoid Wasteful Duplication

Similar Global Sourcing Process

- Market Screening (to prepare the short list)

- Request for information

- Vendor qualification (technical audit, quality system audit, financial analysis, due diligence, social responsibility audit etc)

Common Issue

- Time consuming due to the standard sourcing process of each independent company

- Spent on travelling and daily rate for audit

- It's difficult for one single client to have own resources worldwide for global sourcing activities

What if we assume:

- There is a platform for the people working on the same topic to know each other and talk in a group?

- Someone already knows the vendor market much better than the ones who are newly working on the topic?

- Someone has visited and audited the vendors and could share a quick feedback?

- Someone knows very well the market in his own country is willing to share the information?

Precision Marketing and Fast Track Sourcing

In certain professional social media platform, contact information of many buyers working in major client companies could be found easily. But its often not clear what they buy today and the portfolio may change tomorrow. Its the same issue to find proper sales person. The clearly structured category segments realize a quick matching of the buyers and sellers for the same topic in order to talk on the same page.


Thorough Networking

We provide opportunity for the talents, notably the buyers, in the industry to know each other in a fast track mode and freely communicate with each other in a segmented group. We do not have the concerns of exhibition companies that thorough networking may lead to less audience in the coming years. We intend to create a sustainable industrial community in the long run.



We do not realize online transactions as the other B2B platforms do because most category items here, often at extremely high value or volumes, are more applicable for offline trade. We focus on sourcing aspects to help the clients make decision based on the qualitative and quantitative supplier evaluation ratings which are not tied up with supplier contribution to the platform.

Future Development Plan

Vendor Auditor Organization (under construction)

We seek to build an international and robust organization with experienced technical, engineering and quality experts capable to carry out vendor auditing activities, including management/strtegy consulting. Ideally the members shall be freelancers or retired from professional career. Based on adaptive criteria, a group of experts from different background will be selected for the mission execution.

Shared Audit Reports (under construction)

For highly demanded suppliers, we will kick off for vendor audit based on a industrial standarlized check list. The professional audit report will be notified on to be purchased, at low rate, by potential clients only after authorization from audited suppliers. The reports act as first impression but solid evidence for purchasing party to make the decisions for further qualification.

Global Sourcing Representatives (under construction)

We are deeply desired to have lots of part-time representatives (freelancer or firms) from diversified geographic locations and professional  background to contribute to the global sourcing prospect. The representatives are expected to be motivated with high leadership potential and networking skills, to promote our brand locally, to carry out supplier sourcing activities and closed follow up huge CAPEX projects.