About company

ECONA Engineering Shanghai Co, Ltd, fund bySino-German joint venture,with Enesty GmbH and Jurke Engineering GmbH long-term strategic partnership,  it is committed to dockingadvanced technology with the precise requirements of customers in the field of plastics injection process,combined with the expertise of"German"lean pursuit, to achieve technology sharing, and provide customers with solutions to meet global competitiveness.

Enesty gmbh is a partner in all tasks related to injectionmolding tools- from tool prototypes to small series, al he way through to large-series tools. Expertise in toolmaking and state-of-the-art temperature control is also combined with the possibilities of additive manu-facturing to produce cooling and contouring inserts precisely and economically by means of 3D printing enesty works with partners in Germany, as well as in other European countries and in china.

True to the company motto " technology with responsi-bility", enesty regularly donates a share of its profits to soCIal projects .

Jurke Engineering gmbH is a technology and optimization partner in the plastics processing industry.Future-oriented processes and technologies including those aimed at achieving energy-efficient process es-specialist expertise and pleasure in developing solutions to challenges together with the customer:these are the cornerstones on which Jurke Engineering is based. The central focus of all its work is reducing the unit cost of molded parts.

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